Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My New House

Sorry for be MIA for so long but I have been on the hunt for a house for these many many months and then when I found one things got very busy paper work research and everything else
My shop is currently on vacation while we get everything packed up and moved out of our apartment.

During our house hunt we looked at several houses and had a total of 3 realtors
House 1 was amazing but far to small and way way way way out and the land to rocky for use also it was to many acres to qualify for our loan

House 2. looked at with realtor number 2  I fell in love with and made an offer on its was beautiful but as it turns out it needed over 25,000 dollars worth of work and that isnt counting the fact that it turns out that all water in that area was bad....

House 3. Looked at with a different realtor  was the worst house I have ever been in it was dirty with fly paper with bums living in it trash everywhere and it had a fire on the inside so half of it was burnt did have amazing land though with 2 ponds Ill give it that..but I needed a shower after leaving it

So I went back to looking at houses online  and came back to one of the ones I looked at several times and had driven past on one of our country drives we had dismissed it because it was right by a church and was 2 1/2 acres
but I kept coming back to it over and over again and finally decided to go look at it and when I did.................I fell in love
it had renters in it who did not want to leave they had been in the house 3 months and the house had been up for sale for 3 years apparently
I walked in the house and it was amazing high ceilings a wood stove and 4 bedrooms one being a really amazing loft and a HUGE kitchen and a laundry room ..the land was great with a seasonal creek in the back...we made our offer and then the renters tried to buy it but we got under contract first and so out of anger they did some damage to it they kicked a hole in the door and tried to burn the house down ....

We held our breath and waited and on Halloween we got to close on the house and we got the keys......finally our own house.

It was built in 1925 and has been remodeled several times but still holds its old farm house charm

growing up I always wanted to live in an old farm house in the country Id visit my grammy and her house had been built towards the end of the 1800s and I just loved it ..its a cute yellow two story house that was built to last as she still lives in it to this day.
So in me and Josh getting this house my childhood dreams are starting to come true.

Here is the outside of the house it has a nice sturdy metal roof and a great porch that I cant wait to sit on when the weather gets better,

The wood stove in the living room it has fake rocks around it but I think it still looks cute
 The living room is massive and has plenty of space even more so since we arent going to put the tv or movie shelves in it we decided to do a movie room and hang up movie posters.
               The Staircase to the loft Josh decided to use the loft for his room.
Ill have to get pictures of the loft later I forgot to.
 The kitchen it has lots of space and big counters so for once Ill be able to make Josh large dinners! Im actually excited for cooking.
 The cellar which well come in handy when we start canning this spring and summer.
                                     The doorknob to my etsy room it takes a skeleton key :)
 More of the living room and the doors to the Bedroom and movie room
                                                going down the stairs in the loft
                                               the side of the house with little fish pond
 Where the washing machine plugs it left a hole so we needed something to plug it up....and this is what we found.
 The entry way to the room I plan on using for etsy storage the big box you see is for head space when walking down in the cellar

 Behind the house there is a little creek part of it is dried of but there is a deep hole with a spring and some fish.

                                                        the backside of the house

Ill do another blog on the house soon after Im more moved in we have painting to do and more cleaning Im going to be without internet for awhile I found out that I cant transfer my current service so I have to find a new provider for internet and cell it may be a bit.

Monday, July 21, 2014

My day trip to Crane and Branson

I haven't done much flea marketing lately so this blog has been sort of dead I guess I could talk about other things

Thursday I went on a flea marketing trip with my mom who is now Im happy to say officially retired and has a new car that we can speed around in

I woke up early and made a cd to listen to on the way lots of 80s music and some stuff from The OC ( I don't think my mom enjoyed most of it )

We ended up going to just 2 flea markets and then out to eat at a nice Chinese place were I loaded up on sushi

I didnt find much to buy but I was looking for vintage toys and at good prices and that doesn't always happen.. Flea market 1 I bought the ugly doll in the red hat I felt bad for her she was in a bin of mcdonalds toys and looking very lonely I also bought the wedding bears

The next flea market always has higher prices than most and I found squeak toy after squeak toy and they were all crazy expensive I found a casper that I wanted badly but it was 150 there were lots of mobleys that drooled at but couldn't buy because they wanted way more than they cost online
I did however end up buying the elephant bank in great shape but missing a stopper.
After flea marketing we watched Problem Child and Don't tell mom the babysitters dead flash back to my childhood.. and of course I cracked out the old year books that I love so much.
Saturday me and Josh went on a day trip to Crane and Branson mo
We started out with Breakfast at Braums and went on To crane it had so many flea markets that I didnt even have time to go to all of them before heading to Branson
Heres what I bought
The cat is musical and goes on a crib and the clown is a squeak toy and the bunny is a bank
the dinosaur is a Darling Dinosaur I think and the Bunny is a squeak toy that I passed up the last time I went to Branson because I had already but to much..
 Josh spotted a bag of Strawberry shortcake PVC and I found another bag with some of the pets and other toys in it.

                         This is a Strawberry shortcake mushroom house it opens up

                            Here are some of the things I saw that I found interesting
                                              The excessiveness of this makes me laugh
 Im not going to lie this creeped me out was sitting in the corner of the dark part of the flea market and my imagination went wild.
 Josh bought this for a laugh it was like The Bob Ross of fishing.....
 This house is featured in the book Weird Missouri they sell handmade goods here I have never been inside though...
 If this had been a stuffed animal and not a basket I would have been very excited it has the face of a Rushton.

 Im not usually into old lunch boxes but I loved this! I love the flintstones it is by far one of the best cartoons ever.

After flea marketing we went out to a seafood place because I had been craving crab legs since the beginning of summer and I finally got them
This hotel was next to it its abandoned...

 This is one of the many abandoned theme parks in Branson Celebration City it didnt last long,
 When I found this place I thought it was part of the abandoned theme park Camelot but when I did more research it turns out that it probably isn't so Im not sure what this area is

t                              his was on the way home its an old fallen in cottage
That's all for now

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mr Bim

Here I am again!!!
after playing hooky for a bit with the writing and flea marketing and everything else.

Its been awhile since I last had something of interest to write
We have been searching for a house most of them have turned out to be a no go so the hunt is still on but after not flea marketing for awhile because I didn't want to have so much stuff stacked up that I would have to move and because sales have been insanely slow on etsy I just gave up and went flea marketing I cant say no to it for long..

My birthday was june 17th so Josh asked me what I would like to do and I said FLEA MARKET! and Mexican food we also went on a 5 hour long float trip one day and got completely burnt which doesn't happen often because we are nocturnal..

It turned out that lots of flea markets aren't open on Monday so I didn't go to many

At flea market 1 I found this Weebles Wobbles house and after some research I found that it goes to Winnie the Pooh
                               I got a big bag of random toys just what I needed huh?

At flea market number 2 I found this really sweet bunny very kitsch and a little rubber bunny painting a easter egg which reminded me of the coloring pages we always did in school around easter time
I also found a really neat BAM BAM soakie
 at flea market 3 I got a bunch of books
Flat Stanley which I don't quite understand but had first heard of it from the show King of the hill

 I never can resist anything bunny themed I always just have to buy it

 This little book I got because it reminded me of me and Josh and our current hunt for a house
the mom bunny and baby bunny cant seem to find a house everything they try has either been sold or cant be rented to bunnies and in the end they decide that they will just build a house.
 I have been in search of this book for years now its one of my favorites from my childhood my mom used to read it to me.

I also got 2 peanuts finger puppets but I forgot to take a picture of them...

Today I went out flea marketing again and went to a new flea market

I got the baker or is it the butcher? Now I have a complete set just minus the tub
I also got this really rad Michelangelo lamp it works!! Im unsure if Im keeping or selling

After that flea market I went to the outside one ( also has an inside I just didn't go in )
and found these dolls not in the best shape but I liked them they weren't priced so I asked the vendor who said 2.00 for all so I got them along with a Gameboy game
I hadn't been to the outside flea market since I was about 10 and went looking for a hedgehog ( they sell animals there )
                                             Cant wait to play this! I got it for 3.00

At my next and last flea market I found Mr Bim and this ugly squeak toy who was labeled as Sweetie Pie ( a comic maybe ) she looks like a really ugly Little lulu
but I was really excited to find Mr Bim he is just so retro :)

                                           Heres the ad I found online for Mr Bim!!

Here are some things I found at the flea market that I found interesting but didn't buy

Don't worry this oddity isn't real its ceramic I almost bought it because when will I ever see something like that again..but I resisted the temptation.
 I would have bought this for my mom if it had been in better shape or at least cheaper

 I had a hard time not buying this.. I mean its just so cool but what would I do with it? I don't have kids and Im out of room in my apartment for I settled for a picture of it instead.
 This guy has been on my to buy list for so long but I never find him at affordable cost
                                                        He even had his box still!!
 I have no idea what this is but I wish I did ..I wish I could have opened it
That's all for now hopefully Ill get to go on a few more adventures soon :)